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Lighting for tetras/planted tank

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Hi- I'm setting up my first planted tank. Its 30 gallons and rather deep. I plan to have it heavily planted with tetras. My question is how much light is the right amount? The books say tetras need dimly lit tanks but of course the plants need light. I'm willing to pick my plants based on how much light there is.

I'm thinking of buying a 48 watt t5 HO fixture- would that be enough/too much?

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Welcome to TPT!

If you're planning on setting up a low tech tank (not injecting CO2) then a T5HO fixture will be too much light. I recommend a T5NO fixture like this Coralife:

Since you'll be planting the tank, the tetras will be able to hide in the plants when they want to get out of the direct light. IME your lighting really isn't a big deal with the fish, though.
Thanks! I think, though, that the no fixture would only give me 28watts- that wouldn't be enough or any plants in a 30 gallon tank, would it?

I hadn't actually considered the possibility of no co2... It would be great if I could manage a lush look without it, but is that possible? Guess I'll go check out the low tech tank forum....
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