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Lighting for my new 45 gal tank

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Hello I just started getting into aquariums again and acquired a fluval 45 gallon bowfront tank. The light that came included is a 25W T8 bulb that seems to not be providing enough light for my crypts as they are starting to turn yellow on the leaves. My tank is kept in a darker basement and was wondering what you guys would do to go about adding more light to my tank?

More info on set up:
Fluval C4 filter. Use Seachem flourish root tabs and use a liquid fert as well. Substrate is a very fine basic gravel. Stocking will end up being 5 odessa barbs, 8 cherry barbs, 1 rubber nose pleco, 4 corys, 2 pearl gouramis and 10 cardinal tetras.

Current plants are 3 Java fern, about 4-5 crypts, and 3 kompakts. I am hoping to get more to replace my plastic plants after lighting is sorted.
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