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I wanna pick some lights for my new clear 4820 aquarium 47.2″×19.7″×19.7 that's the dimensions for it it's 72 gallons from waterbox. i wanna run co2, and i dont wanna be limited to any certain plants. i wanna have a lot of of options when it comes to plant selections. So help me chose a light that would work for that depth.

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Waterbox goes with 2 ai primes .
Suggest more like 3
This would be sort of next in line.
Less functionality, not as " pretty", more wattage, slightly less expensive

Mire expensive:
Need 2

Seem I can lift my " embargo" on Radions since the did indeed update their fw units:.

2 pushes the coverage but should suffice with the less square pattern. .
Radion XR15 and XR30 Gen 5 Now Available with Freshwater Spectrum | Reef Builders | The Reef and Saltwater Aquarium Blog
There are a lot of unhappy software users atm though

You can look into kessils as well

You need to better define what you want and or what you need
There are cheaper alternatives like multiple strip type lights with various degrees of functionality.
Power is never the only consideration.
4 to 8 tube flourescents also are in the mix
With bulbs about $700.
Led equiv.

or even, heaven forbid, metal halides:).
Or hybrids.
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