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Lighting for low tech planted tanks

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So I have a 10g and I'm going to get a 20 long. I plan on using low/medium light plants and don't plan on using co2. What would be the best lights. Currently I'm using a Finnex fugeray 20" fixture on the 10g and that's proving to be too much light. I was wondering what you're suggestions are. I was looking at maybe the t8 bulbs did at petland kahala, but don't know where to get replacement bulbs. Ahh hero is appreciated.
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Not trying to be funny but is Hawaii an extra charge for shipping from an on-line
pet supply place ? Doctors Foster & Smith has T8 bulbs. I use two of them on one
of my 10g tanks with a little GSA but no other algae. Look in whatever you have that is equivalent to Home Depot or Loew's cause they have a 6500K "daylight" bulb for about
$10. But two of those will cause algae.
People who wish to save money will use these, spray paint th outside black, take
off the clamp and use CFK 6500K bulbs in them. They can be hung from a shelf bracket placed on the wall over the tank. One of the 13W bulbs/lamps for a 10g and 2 for a 20L
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