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lighting for low tech 26 gallon bowfront

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Hi all:
I have a 26 gallon bowfront freshwater with glass VersaTop and typical community fish. It is nothing fancy but we like it. I am using coated "gravel" which is probably 1/4" to 3/8" diameter on average and some simple anubia plants tied to driftwood. They have done pretty well considering I'm using one very small fluorescent tube hood. I looking at options to upgrade lighting to make the plants grow better. I was looking at Current and left several messages on their 800 line but never heard back so wasn't impressed with them. So now I'm considering Finnex Planted Plus Fuge, Finnex Stingray, or MarineLand Advanced LED - all in 24" varieties. I don't think I need the bells and whistles of the Finnex 24/7 so crossed that off my list. I do like that the MarineLand Advanced has a built in timer with buttons on the side for what it's worth vs. having to use an security lamp timer with the Finnex Stingray or Fuge.

I've always loved the MarineLand brand and customer support but they don't seem to have much of a following here on the board. Would this be a good choice? Are the Finnex Stingray or Planted Plus Fuge better choices for me?

Thanks so much. I've been considering this for a while and want to make a choice so thanks for any help.
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Marineland were/are generally considered a wee bit overpriced on their more advanced models.. And more like Beamswork clones (or vice versa) on their lower models.
Just a comparison:
MarineLand Advanced LED
Marineland Advanced LED Strip Light 24-36"
10.2W $74.. Underpowered for a bowfront..

$171... 30Watts
Full bells and whistles..
Current USA Satellite Plus Pro LED Light Fixture 24-36 Inch - Marine Depot

Marineland semi-equivalent. There are some sig. differences
Cheaper can get you more output w/ less automation..
Just an example.. Most would look for the 6500k model"


Dimensions - 23.00” x 9.25” x 1.25”
Brackets add 0.65" in height
Includes 28 LEDs
4000 Lumen
3 watt LEDs
28x 6500K
Two mode on/off switch
Mode 1 turns on all LEDs.
Mode 2 turns on 8 LEDs.
Timer ready. Fixture pre-wired for add on timer module.
Timer module is not included.
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thanks... so if you think the MarineLand Advanced LED is underpowered, what do you think of the Finnex StingRay or Finnex Planted Plus Fuge?
24.2" x 14.8" x 20.9
what do you think of the Finnex StingRay

24" is 11W

or Finnex Planted Plus
Useable..lower than below since it is based on a larger light

24" Unibody Ultra Slim High Output Planted LED
TRUE 660nm intensive photosynthesis RED LEDs
(88) 7000k + (48) 660nm RED + (8) Blue Moonlights
17.8 Total Watts
a tough call would be 2 stingrays vs 1 planted plus..;)
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