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For my latest project I have an shelf that is 3ft long. I have decided to by three 10"x10"x10" rimless nano cubes, each housing a single male betta. As far as plants go I would like to try a dwarf sag carpet in one and a micro sword carpet in another. Both accented by stem plants and jungle val. The third tank I was thinking of doing maybe a crpyt tank. Roughly this should put me in the medium light range. I would prefer to just use one single 36" fixture if possibly, but if you guys think each tank needs it's own light then your welcomed to state why. That being said, what would guys suggest as an appropriate led light(s) for this setup?

At first thought I was thinking the Beamswork EA90 36" fixture

Thanks for your input!
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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