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Lighting for a standard 90gal

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Brand new to the site, but I've been in the hobby for the better part of 3 decades now. Unfortunately, I've been out of the hobby for about 3 years now (law school, marriage, life got complicated), but I'm getting ready to start back up.

I have a standard 90 gallon tank. I will use 2 Fluval 404 canister filters on constantly as well as a hang on the side water polisher occasionally. For substrate, I have 2-3 inches of Seachem flourite. I have CO2 injection with an external reactor.

Now to the crux of my question. I used to use 2 175W metal halide fixtures inside the hood (non-pendant) anenergy consumption options, but I can'td well as 2 40W florescents (for sunrise/set effects) and LED moonlights. I have been looking into lower seem to find anything in the way of substantive guidance on systems. I was leaning toward LEDs because of low energy consumption and long lifespan of the bulb. My problem is that I don't know how much light I need. The old rule of 4-5 watts per gallon would be nearly completely cost-prohibitive and I've read that it's out of date.

If I want to be able to grow the high light requirement plants, how much light would I need for my 90 gallon?

What are some of the advantages of LEDs over other low consumption options?

Am I crazy? Should I just stick with the Metal Halides I have?

Thank you,