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Well this is my first post and Ive been out of the freshwater/plated tank hobby for a while, it time to getting back in for a brake from Marine.

But anyway, Im ordering an ada or do!aqua 60-p (60x30x36cm 17g) tank depending on what is available in a week and lighting decisions are giving a bit of trouble. I will be running co2 and ada substrate.

Flora plans: Agonogeton crispus or rotala wallichii, Eleocharis acicularis and Riccia fluitans or moss of some sort for the driftwood

I own:

- 24" T5 2-24w bulb system with 1 ATI indigo sun and 1 Giesemann PowerChrome midday bulb.

- 150w mh with an ada 8,000k bulb, if used.

I think the t5 system will not be enough and will the MH be too much even if I raise the high? If so what would be another option without braking the bank?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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