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Hey everyone.
I have this slight problem that I have ran into. I am making a planted tank for a friend and unfortunately with his budget my only options for a planted tank are off the shelf lighting. It's supposed to be a low light low tech El natural style tank. No highlight plants.
Its a 42" long, 36" tall and 15" wide tank. The plant list I am thinking about is as follow:
Vals (as many varieties I can get hold of)
Aponogeton Crispus
C. wenditii brown
C.Wenditii green
Dwarf sag
Java moss
Java fern
Windelov Java fern
H. angustifolia.
Amazon Swords (prolly E.bleheri)

Now what you think would be better as lighting for a 36" low tank. Or would be able to grow above mentioned plants or not.
Overdriving 4x t8 36" long Philips tubes (Daylight and cool daylight).
5-6 T5 36" long philips daylight bulbs.
3 philips 55W PLLs Daylight.
4 Philips 36W PLLs Daylight
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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