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Lighting for a 30" 29 gal

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Hello! I'm looking into setting up a 30" 29 gallon planted tank and am wondering how much light and what companies would sell what I need. The tank would have red rotala dwarf hair grass and HC in it (among other plants) so I'm assuming that lighting will be an issue. I'm also planning to use CO2. The tank will be covered with a glass hood (because of cats and killifish). I'm not extremely experience in planted tanks as the only plants we have are crypts moss and java fern but we've just recently bought a bunch of giant red rotala a madagascar lace leaf and something that was sold to us as "indian water lace" but what I'm pretty sure is water sprite. All of which are waiting in our shrimp tank to be planted at a later point... But anyway what sort of wattage am I looking at and what companies sell what I'd need?
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