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lighting for a 240

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I am setting up a new tank, it is 96x24x24 however the actual width is more like 18 because it has a built in wet/dry filter in the back. Ultimately I would like to light this with LED pendants, however for the time being I think i am going to opt for t-5 HO. My question here is should I use 2 48" 2 light fixtures or go for 3 bulbs per side? I am definitely going to get something with individual reflectors i.e. tek light or similar. this is going to be a co2 tank with an mts substrate. I am open to any suggestions. Also as a side note I have a 48" 4 65w pc light from another tank I tore down, would it be possible to use this on one side and t-5 on the other?
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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