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Lighting for a 225 tall 32" high par needed

As the post says I am looking for med high/high light for a 72x24x30 with four inches of substrate and suspended 6" above tank. I will have co2 and will be using ei with a very heavy plant load including carpeting plants like hc, DHG, others. I have been thinking metal halide 250w (x3 for spread). I was imagining a 72" t5/mh combo fixture with 6700k bulbs but have had a hard time finding anything that looks good or not cheap. I also have been thinking of these 4 and 8 bulb vhot5 fixtures 48" and getting two that I read were meant for growing veggies.

Thoughts from anyone with experience in a setup like this. I would like to stay around $500 or so. I have found both of the above mentioned setups for about that price or less so far.

Edit: decided to go with a t5ho set up using 6 or so higher watt bulbs and solid reflectors. Found nice ones for $150 or so online.
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