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I'm setting up a 120 gallon Fatboy tank for my 3 green sunfish. I have them in a 40-gallon breeder right now, and I'm working on cleaning the 120 and getting everything that I need so I can get it setup. I have plants in the 40 gallon and they are pretty much low light right now.

All the plants in the 40 are going to the 120 eventually.

I have:

Ozelot sword
Micro sword
Guppy grass
Java moss
Golden Jenny

When I get the 120 set up, I would like to carpet pygmy chain sword. I am looking for some kind of finnex LED light. In the past, I have used T5HO, but for the 120, I'd rather get LED instead of worrying about new bulbs every so often.

I've been looking at finnex combos such as the sting ray and a fugeray.Or maybe a Ray2 and a fugeray. Or a pair of Ray2s.

I'm not sure what combo would be good, or if there's a different brand that will work better. Any help would be appreciated :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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