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Lighting for 9-10g

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I've been a lurker for several months now and finally decided to setup my own tank.

I currently have a rimless 40cm x 30 x 30... I think it's about 9-10g. Planning to do a low-mid light, low maintenance, no CO2 tank. No more than 40 PAR at substrate.

I also have a 14" 24W Compact Fluorescent Fixture (Odyssea Compact 35/40 light fixture). It has a pretty decent reflector. Based on Hoppy's post and data on the lighting forum, this would get me into the high light category at 12" above substrate. This means I would have to raise my fixture up to 16" above substrate to get near the 40 PAR Im looking for.

Unfortunately, raising the fixture is not an option for me due to the way the tank is setup. Are there any options I could use to lower my light down without significant modifications?
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You can use a layer or two of window screen on the top of your tank/on the fixture itself if it is possible to cut things down. Floating plants are also great for further cutting things down.
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