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Lighting for 5x2x2

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Hi People,

I've started a thread on my 1st planted tank:

I'm looking for advise on what lights to go with for my tank which is a 5x2x2. I plan on being Medium Tech with Co2 and decent lights.

I'm very keen to have a carpet of green HC or similar, so need lighting that will make this possible.

Can you light experts please tell me what my options are? I don't want to spend more then neccessary but then I dont want to spend so little that what I buy isn't good enough and needs upgrading in the near future.

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I would go with 2 80 watt bulbs of T5HO. These are 60 inches. If you have a canopy you could get a retro fit and set them about 6-8 inches apart. It looks like you don't so I would check catalina. The have good lighting and likely make a 5 ft T5HO.
Catalina makes each light fixture to order, so they can easily customize any order. Even if they don't list a 5 foot fixture, I'm betting they would make one for you if you phone and ask. If you plan to set the light right on top of the tank, 2 bulbs is all you would want, but if you are willing to suspend the light above the tank, a 3 bulb fixture could work out better. If you go that way, get a couple of switches, so you can turn on 1, 2 or all 3 bulbs. You should also get a set of legs, so you would have the option of raising the light just the 2-3 inches the legs give, which could be very useful if you don't suspend the fixture on cables.
Thanks for the info guys. Catalina look good but as I'm in Uk I believe the shipping would cost a bomb. :(

Somebody locally is selling a 6ft silver sun light unit it has 8 t5 tubes in it. Do you think this would be good for me? I know 6ft is bigger then my 5ft tank, but I was thniknig I could run it at an angle corner to corner and have it hidden by a frame. I'm quite handy with DIY so I could make it look ok. I know its not ideal but its gonig pretty cheap...

Also I read about LED's and DIY builds, I'm ok with electrical stuff to, is this a good option for me? I can get bulbs here easy and I'mg uessing parts to or could ship certain parts rom the US or Asia if needed.?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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