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Lighting for 29 and 20 gallons

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Hey everyone,
I've been doing planted tanks for a little bit now, but I had some questions for the lighting experts here. With Christmas coming up, if I wanted to upgrade the aquarium operation, this would be a perfect time.

Currently I have a 29 gallon and a 20 gallon ready to go. The 20 gallon will most likely be a shrimp farm with lower light plants.

Currently I have 3 light fixtures. A 65 watt PC Sattelite, a 18x2 Coralife T5, and a 20 watt fluorescent hood. I had been running both the 65 watt and the T5 on the 29 gallon. It looks a bit clunky, but hey, whatever you can do to get by.

I have a glass hood on the 29 gallon. Would a 65 watt PC be enough to have decent growth for high light plants? (Particularly lower foreground HC/HM/Glosso) or should I continue to use the 36 watt fixture to supplement this?

Over a 20 long, is a 20 watt "plant light" in a regular hood good enough to grow lower light shrimp-friendly low-light plants such as java moss, java fern, maybe anubias or would I need to move the 36 watt fixture to this one?

I was thinking about perhaps a 2x65 for the 29 gallon, moving the 65 to the 20 - but with tuition bills due soon, a $150 light isn't quite what the bank account needs :) Plus 65 watt over a 20 long might be asking for algae without CO2 injection.

Sorry if the scenario was a little confusing but thanks in advance for the help!
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