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Sorry if this has been answered previously somewhere....

I have upgraded my 55 to 180 (72 x 24 x 24) and have Catalina customized the light fixtures. It is this one I use 2 x 36" fixtures over the whole tank but I customized 3 bulbs with big reflectors. According to Hoppy's chart, if i put fixtures 24" above the substrate, it will give about 50> micromols. My question is with this light set up , will they be able to grow any plants ? The one i used for 55 before was 2 x 55 from AHS , and I am really happy with the plant growth and look . ( gave me about 45-48 micromols.)

Since these new fixtures have the higher par rating ; however, it does not look as bright as the AHS. I used 2 X 6700k and 1 X 10k I was wondering if i can grow plants..(pardon me if this question sounds hilarious :red_mouth )
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