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Lighting for 180 gal.

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After seeing bare tank with fish in there. I want some green in my tank for view. I have 180 gal (6'x2'x2'). Need some planted and need the lightning to light up middle 4'x2'x2' section. I am still debating on T5 high output lighting. Will 4 x 54W high out put enough for that section. There are Tek 4x54W or Nova Extreme i saw at my LFS. which one is better ? thanks.
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I don't want to light up the whole tank. Just in the middle part. I need to get some shade for fish.
you could always light up the whole tank and then have some lilly like plants or floating plant on one side that should block out some of the light and create some shade.

From everything I heard though Tek would be your best bet. What kind of fish are you having anyways that you need the shade?
forget to mention, My tank have overflow box built in. everything flow will be drain to the sump. I have some large fish that swim mostly on upper level water. I try to get some plant that attached to driftwood.
Bharada had a TEK 4x54W lighting up his 4' x 2' x 2' crypt tank, and it seemed quite good enough.

Don't go with Nova's as they don't have individual parabolic reflectors.

I also think you should try to light up the entire length of the tank. Unlit portions do not look good at all.....but hey, you're the one that will have to see everyday, so it's really your call.
All the fish will probaly keep themself in the shade. If you want only the middle part, I recommend buying the 36" TEK, so that you could buy another one if you don't like the way the tank look.
thanks. I will try it
I'm setting up a 180g, and using 2 6x39 TEK fixtures.
I don't want too much light . My reef's energy consumption is great already.
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