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The tank is 60"Lx26"Hx18"D with a center brace. I plan on having 3-4" of substrate. The light would need to penetrate 20-22" of water. I am looking at the NICREW SkyLED. The longest they offer is too short to sit on the tank so I was thinking about 3 of the 30-36" ones on both sides of the brace. They are 30 Watts each, does that sound like it would be enough light for moderate light and lower plants? I dont plan on keeping any high light plants at this time. I will be adding CO2 within a year or so. The substrate is gonna be 1-2" of organic soil with a 2" play sand cap.

Current list of plants I plan to get (tank in planning stages):
Micro Sword -carpet (I know high light so probably wont use this one)
Dwarf Hairgrass - carpet
Anubias Nana
Java Moss - on my driftwood
Java Fern
Anubias Hastifolia
Amazon Sword

I may add a few more to the list before im ready to assemble. Im mainly looking for carpets in the front half of the tank and some mid to high level plants in the back half on either side. the middle foot or two of the tank will have no plants. The tank is going to be a discus community tank. Thanks for the help yall.
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