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Lighting & Filter for 2 gallon cube?

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I am planning to setup a plant only low-medium tech 2 gallon nano cube (7.87" x 7.87" x 7.87") for my desktop. I am not able to find good information on suitable lighting and filter (filter mainly for the flow). Please advice on to setup. Also the cube alone would cost me $60 so please let me know if there is a cheaper option. I am looking for a 2.5 gallon cube or smaller.
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I'm pretty sure the Azoo palm was phased out a while back by the Azoo Mignon 60, which both filter 60L per hour. The Mignon 60 is reported to be quieter, I've not owned a palm so I can't verify. I just replaced my Mignon 60 for a Mignon 150, which has up to 120L per hour. My tank is a 2.5gal. all of these filters are less than $15.
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