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Lighting and Filtration for ADA 60-F

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Hi. I am getting an ADA 60-F. I am thinking of getting a fishneedit MH pendant. Will the 70w be enough? I know if I get the 150w, the fixture will have to be too high and create a lot of spill which I don't want. But then I am afraid I might cook the tank if the 70w is too close.

The other option is using the fishneedit 2Ft/4Bulbs fixture but I like the shimmer effect from the metal halide. Could I use this fixture and replicate the shimmer effect with one or two leds? Can I run this fixture with just 3 bulbs without any ill effect?

I am planning on using a Rena XP1. I am pretty much set on this unless you convince me otherwise.
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I'm in pretty much the same situation...but looking for lighting for a 60P instead of a 60F.

So far I've been looking at either a twin-tube (2x24w) T5HO light, or the 75 watt MH from fishneedit like you mentioned.

Keep in mind that the 2ft/4 bulb fixture you're referring to is a (I believe) a 4x24watt T5HO fixture. 96 watts of T5HO over a tank that shallow would be extremely bright, so you'd have to make sure your fertilizers and CO2 are perfect....

As far as the shimmering effect, people have gotten pretty cool lighting results with a mixture of Giesmann bulbs or getting creative with the kinds of T5HO bulbs they use. MH is very clean light and makes for a great looking tank, but I'm a bit intimdated by the prospect of hanging the fixture and trying to figure out what height etc. as compared to the ease of flopping it on the tank.

I think a Rena XP1 should be fine if you like them. I've never used them personally...
I think rimless tanks look much better with the light suspended. I will hang the light using one of these bolted to the wall behind the tank.

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Hi. I ended up getting a Hampton Bay Power Compact Desk Lamp (for now). It has a 27w 6500K quad bulb. I am still waiting for the water to clear but I think it's enough light for Anubias, Ferns, Crypts and maybe a tenellus carpet. I will be adding pressurized CO2. What do you think?

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