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Lighting and color

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What role does light play in your tanks? I killed my light and had to use a low light source. I noticed my adult shrimp losing their color. Changing to an old fluorescent light, which seemed to help a little.

I just purchased a finnex fugeray light, figuring it will help plant growth. It has white and 660nm red. Almost immediately the shells on the adults who were losing color (espescially white) gained their color back and look like they did when purchased.

Has anyone noticed a similar effect from the type of lighting?

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I've not really noticed any difference in color/development/etc. based on lighting, but that doesn't mean that such a difference isn't possible. I think it could be an interesting experiment to find out if what you were seeing was an actual change in shell health or a change in the the look of the shell due to lighting.

The whites on these shrimp went translucent when my lighting died. They weren't the best shrimp but we're clearly colored when purchased. Even the reds started to look clear. Now their color is almost fully back. I was shocked lol.
May not be the lights, but the only other change was adding a tiny bit of new food from fluval. I don't think that would have made the change in only two days.

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Lighting definitely has an effect on shrimp color. Usually the brighter spectrum, the more color shows in crystals.

Having said that, you can also use low light to your advantage. One of the ways Asian breeders cull for best quality is to turn off the light for at least two hours and then snap it on. The ones with least color get culled. The really good ones have best color with or without light.
Yup I've heard of that technique also. High lighting seems to be the way to get your best whites.
Nice. Thanks for the culling tip. That makes a lot of sense, since it wasn't all of the shrimp, but several adults, maybe some of the younglings.

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I'm new to shrimp (since Dec), but noticed a change in the Crystal Reds with light.

I have some in a tank with just a dim LED with Pumpkin Neos: Pumpkin Neos are very nicely colored, however the CRS white part appears dingy (Like they need bleach, Lol) on most, with blackish spots?

Got CRS and PFR/Red Sakuras in another tank, CRS of the same stock/age, with high light, and the CRS look exactly like when I first got them-bright white and red. The females of the PFR are a nice, true PFR, although the males look Sakura.

No molting problems, and everything thriving in both tanks.
Too soon to cull anything or experiment with light on the CRS, as although they are growing, none are berried so far, received as juvies, and I only have a dozen max.

Thought I'd report :)

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