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I am sure that everyone is sick of noob lighting questions, but I am stuck and am not sure the best combination that I should pursue for my tank.

I have a new 29 gallon tank with a 20 gallon sump and refugium set up that I would like to run a low tech system without CO2.

Now my question is that I have a hodgepodge of lights and I cannot figure out the best system for the limited space over the tank.

I have the following lights for the tank systems...

2 x 15 watt 18" T8 strip lights with Aquarium and Plant bulbs, I believe the bulbs are the GE 3.1k aquarium bulbs in there right now (although it is easy enough to swap the bulbs out for a 6k bulb if that is better).
1 x 20 watt 24" T8 hood light with Life-Glo 6.7k light
1 x Marineland Double Bright LED 30"
1 x Marineland Single Bright LED 30"

Now my problem is I am not sure what is the best arrangement of the hodgepodge of the above lights. On the main tank I can fit:
The double Bright LED and the 24" T8
Or the 2 18" T8s and the 24" T8
Or 2 18" T8s and the Double Bright LED

I am less worried about the lighting on the sump as it will only have 8-10 inches of water and should be much more forgiving.

In the expert opinion of the forum what is the best arrangement of the above. I am new to this and a bit lost as to what would work best for a simple low tech planted tank.

Thanks for the help in advance.
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