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Lighting Advice for 36 Gal Please

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Hello, new to this forum and seeking advice about lighting for a 36 gallon. Here is a link with all of the information (measurements, lighting, etc.) and a picture:

Will the current light fixture support any plant growth at all? Apart from algae of course ;)

I am not picky about plant types, just like the overall look of a planted aquarium. If not, do I need to replace the bulb only with something different or replace the entire fixture?

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A few plants will grow with that bulb. Java Fern is one that will and Anubias.
That is what happens when people buy those "sets" because they usually end up replacing lots of the extra equipment.
Thanks for the reply! I will have to try those out and see how they do.
Back when I had the stock light on my 36 gallon I could grow hornwort like crazy but not much else. I'd upgrade to a t5no fixture or led. I've got a finnex planted plus now and I can grow quite a few plants with it.
Thanks, I'll keep the hornwort in mind!

I think I'll give these hardy plants mentioned a try with my current setup and if all works well, then fantastic; if not, then I'll upgrade.

Thanks for the advice! :)
There is a thread out here(I believe in the plant section) entitled "Low light Plants"
which gives a list of all plants known to be able to grow in low light.
Unfortunately, you have light just a slight bit more weak and some on there won't
grow in your tank.
But this link list plants by light and other perameters and mostly has plants under low light that truely are in that category.
Then if/when you feel you want to up-grade, this link gives PAR ratings on most kinds of fixtures but not all brands in each of course. You can pick the one which fits the type of plants you want and the price range as well. Just a general statement about
the prices as it doesn't list the prices of each brand but you can look them up by those brands.
+1 for Finnex. I have them on both of my tanks, they are sleek and make my tanks look great. I'm growing quite a variety of plants in my 75 gallon with a single Planted+ light. Find them on amazon!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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