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Hi, I'm in the process of setting up a 300L rimless aquarium as an Amazon biotope. I plan to aquascape it like the bank of a river in the Amazon - lots of wood / roots, botanicals, blackwater, and only a moderate to light amount of planting.

I was originally holding out for the release of the Aqua Illumination Blade Freshwater, but frustratingly, it only comes in silver / white, which will look jarring in our living room given the walls are dark and the cabinet is black.

I was therefore thinking of a Fluval 3.0 plant, but i'm open to other ideas. I am not a huge fan of the dappling effect you get from more point-sourced LED lights so would prefer a bar style. I would also like to elevate it a bit as there will be some emergent plants and bogwood so one flush to the aquarium rim won't work that well. Finally, I really want a light you can control via an app and set night / day cycles etc.

On the planting side, I'm thinking a peace lilly and pothos as emergent species (maybe a monstera or umbrella sedge too, but don't want to overdo it) and then some echinodorus, nymphaea lotus (in the absence of any readily available native S. American lotuses), possibly some hygrophilia, possibly some myriophylum or limnophila, and some eleocharis motevidensis.

Suggestions welcome on the light (and indeed planting) front!


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120 x 55 x 53cm, rimless. 300 litres
So approx 48"x21", 80g

So I'd start with getting a general idea of your possible heights based on common beam spread angles.
Start w/ 1 row of leds centered:

16cm (6.3") for 120 degree lensed
Higher you go the more light in the room not the tank.

27.5 cm (10.8") for 90 degrees.

27.5cm enough clearance for you?
If so now you know to try to find lights with the narrow (90) optics..

Fluval 3.0 is not one of those..

Besides things like AI Prime freshwater, Kessil Tuna sun, and asst high end puck lights I'd check out the Micmole line.
5" light variety.

30cm variety..x 2

Sadly a bit too "aggressive" of a lens. Height would need to be increased to get a better 21" coverage..
See the par map for 12x12..
More like a 60 degree lens..
There appears to be no easy way to change the max height (no hanging kit ect)
18" height would be a better start..

MASTER Planted is interesting..
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