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lighting a 125 gallon tank

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hey guys,

I just purchased a 125 gallon tank and now that I have no more money left, I decided to get the ODYSSEA t5 ho quad light w/ timer. There are mixed reviews but i think it will be great for my situation. Now to the facts...

- The fixture is 6 feet long (72") and the bulbs are 55" long since they dont make 72" bulbs

-bulbs are 4x 6500k, 80w bulbs

I am aiming for a low/medium light and am wondering what combination of bulbs out of the following would be best for my plants, looks and fish?

6500k (come with)
10,000 k daylight bulbs
actinic 460 bulb
freshwater pink.

i need a combination of two pairs since it would look weird if one half had actinic and the other had a pinkish hue. so like x2 6500k and x2 actinics.

Here is a link to the fixture so you can check it out: