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I have been planning to make the switch to rimless planted tanks and I've been looking at lighting, specifically LED. I plan on getting the mr aqua frameless 11.4. I've set my maximum budget on lighting to around 30 dollars and I plan on growing either med light plants or high light plants. I've found a few different options and I was wondering for thoughts on which would be best for growing plants (either med or high light).

There seems to be a large beams work fan club and I was looking at their lights and they seem quite good and within my budget. What is the difference between the 18inch beamswork bright (LED Aquarium Lighting by BeamsWork) and the regular 18 inch (LED Aquarium Lighting Freshwater Bright) in terms of what plants they can grow.

I was also looking at using a 10w flood light. It seems to be a little excessively bright and I've read varying opinions on whether it is good or not. I was wondering if that would be more useful then the beams work lights.

Thank you

I found this past post from a few years ago:

It says go with the brighter one but also doesn't recommend beams work lights. Does this still hold true? I also found another beamswork light on amazon for freshwater plants. Beamswork seem to have a lot of similar models. Is this one any different?
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