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Light too strong . . . any ideas

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Hi. I have the 60cm version of this light:

It totals 35w. I do not use the red/green/blue so it brings it down to 24w. However, my tank more shallow and less deep than usual 60cm tanks. Standard size would be 67 litres. Mine is only 27l.

So the light is too strong and I am wondering if there is any solution to this? Even if I decide to buy a new one, the problem is 60cm lights are made for standard tanks.

Any ideas?
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Just a thought. You could put some hornwort or some other floating plant in the tank to filter the light penetrating to the bottom.

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A height measurement would help but hanging the light over the tank high enough
to reduce the PAR or using something between it and the tank(screen wire) are two
common options.
Insect window screen could be used to dim the light also. You just need to figure out a way to make that work. If you use glass tops you could set the window screening on top of the glass. Otherwise you'd need to rig up a way to attach it to the light fixture somehow.

Why are you not using the red & blue LEDs? Plants can benefit from those colors.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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