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Hey Ive never started my planted tank yet and Im going to within the month. Im checking out this magazine and they have a deal on single strip lighting. If I got the one bulb, would it be enough? Im starting on just growing some java moss and glossostigma. Do I want to buy a T-8 flourescent bulb or the T-5 HO flourescent, or even their Zoo med?
for the T-5 HO bulbs they have,
10000 K bulbs,
Actinic 420 nm,
6700 K,
and colormax.

for the T-8 flourescent they have,
just 8000k

Zoo med offers the
tropic sun 5500K
flora sun bulb 5000k
and coral sun actinc 420 nm

Those are all the stats that they offer for the bulbs, thanks for the help
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