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Light Placement

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I've noticed that when I put the light across the top of the tank in the middle in hopes of having the most even distribution of rays, the plants tend to grow at an angle toward it. Has anyone ever tried hanging the lights so they hang on the outside of the back tank wall, facing in so that all the plants grow towards the back? Does it work? What if you suspended the lights above and behind the tank?thinking logically, the plants should grow towards the back still, and tall background plants wouldn't block it for the mid and foregrounders.
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A hung/pendant style seems to work fairly well at keeping even light. The plants should just grow straight up.
But do you hang it over the middle of the tank, or more towards the back? Also, what's the right height for an uncovered tank so that the light doesn't get water deposits on it, but you still have enough at the bottom of the tank? (My tank's a 10-gallon.)
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