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Light on for a short time before my normal photoperiod

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Is it fine to turn my lights on for 30-60 minutes in the morning while I'm preparing for work and then shut them off until they're set to turn on 5 hours later for their normal photoperiod?

I been turning them on at 6am the morning before work so I can feed them and then I turn them off close to 7am right before I am out the door. I time them to turn on at noon then shut off at 7pm every night after their evening feeding.

I just want to know if my schedule is fine:

On 1 hour
Off 5 hours
On 7 hours
Off for the night

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I don't see doing it cause any problems.
0500-0615 every morning tanks in several rooms light off here.
Coffee pot on a timer and the tanks too, all I have to do is get out of bed LOL
If it's on a timer, which it presumably is, I'd add that time in the timer before you go to work.

During the school year, I turn my ADA tank lights on from 7:00-7:40, and then from 11:45-11:00.
I find my fish tend to be a bit confused when I first change my light timers but they soon adapt. I have several large cichlids who have a definite "sleep mode" where they huddle together at one end just before the lights go out. It was kind of funny to see them wandering around in the semi-gloom last night as the lights went out an hour earlier.
I see nothing wrong with any schedule that suits you. The light is there for the plants to grow and you to see. The rest will work it out.
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