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Light for ADA Cube Garden 30-C?

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Hey everyone,

What do you think of this Odyssea power compact for an ADA 30C cube? Will it fit?

Tank dimensions: 30cm X 30cm X 30cm (approx: 12in X 12in X 12in)

Fixture dimensions: 13" x 4.50" x 2.25"

I am not super familiar with how these lights work... I assume they will fit a range of tank sizes... just hoping someone could tell me definitively if it would work...

Also, I assume 24W of power compact would be sufficient for 12g tank with HC and dwarf hairgrass?
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If you can get past the large metal legs and the fact that there is a slight over hang on each side, I'd say go for it. Aesthetically I wouldn't use it (unless you can pull it off), but it looks like it can do the job.
I have this fixture for my Mini-S. Pretty it ain't, but it does the job well. I use the Coralife clear plastic legs for mine. It's much better than the clunky screw-on legs that come with it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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