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So far I have set up a 20gal long tank. (30"wide)
with flourite and some pebbles for decoration.

To start off the tank will only have fish and no plants but eventually I am going to put some lower light rooted plants and or some stems.
Not sure as of now. The tank is primarily for keeping loaches.

I am curious what is a suggested light for the tank that can grow low to mid light plants but if there is no co2 input will that light cause algae to grow?

I was looking at the coralife double T5 fixtures. It comes with a 10K 18W bulb and an actinic. I wouldn't run the actinic and replace it with a different bulb later depending on the plants i choose to grow and if the tank will have co2.

Oh, I have a 29g tank with an 18W coralife bulb and it does just fine for growing java ferns and no algae.
So my major question is, whats a good light that can be upgraded via bulb to grow plants but for now won't cause algae to grow in a tank without a co2 source?
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