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Light for 55 gallon (Finnex or Satellite)

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I know there's other threads along these lines but I'm just not finding answers to my question. The ballasts are going out in my T5 HO and I need a new light. Tank is a 48" 55 gallon. I'd say right now it's medium light, no CO2. I have Green Temples, Ambulia, Crypts, Blyxa, Balansae, Dwarf Sag, Italian Vals and a Red Melon Sword, all are doing great. It's roughly 18" from substrate to top of tank. So for a medium light replacement which one is better? I only want to use 1 light. Does anyone use only 1 of either lights on their 55 gallon? If so, how are the plants doing?
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I have both of those lights (and really like them!), but from the level you are describing you want to achieve, the Finnex is really going to be your only choice. Even it (the Planted +) is probably right on the border for a single, medium light setup at the depth you're describing.
Thanks for the input. I got a message back today from Finnex and they said I should go with a Planted + for this tank. I have glass lids so that will help buffer the light a little if it proves to be a little more than my current light.
I run the Finnex planted + on my low tech dirt no CO2, liquid carbon tank. I like the light. But I do not think the light really makes it into the medium light end of things. When I first turned it on I thought it was medium light. But as the stems near the surface the light now seems much lower now. Either that or I am just getting use to it? The yellow green cast takes some getting use to which in my case is enhanced by some dirt particles that bubble up now & then. IMO Finnex should really have more par information on their lights. There really is no excuse for this. Current may even be lower in par.

I was an I am still thinking about a second planted plus for my tank? I am still holding out. Since I do not run CO2 I have too be careful not to have to much light. Right now I have bigger problems with filtration . My Ehiem 2215 seems to be not cutting it . So I may have to put some money into a 2217 instead of adding a second light for now.

My sag is growing crazy, but my crypts are standing still. Bocopa's are really growing with some insane looking colors I have never seen before. So the bottom line is, it can & will grow plants but some may be more limited like hair grass all the way on the bottom with a single fixture. But that may have more to do with CO2 than the fixture. Hope this helps. Feel free to message me on this because I am also looking into getting the fuge ray or another planted plus for my 10 gallon pressurized set up.
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