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Light fixture only holds one bulb.

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I have had my aquarium setup for over a year now and I am in the process of adding some low-light plants. The problem is that my current light fixture only holds one bulb and it just a regular 20 watt fluorescent bulb that came with the kit I bought. I know that this is not an ideal bulb for growing plants so I was thinking about making these adjustments.

Will my current light fixture support a coralife colormax 6700K full spectrum lamp with color enhancing phosphors for freshwater aquariums or should I replace the light strip for a coralife dual lamp aqualight freshwater T5 light fixture.

My aquarium is an aqueon 36 gallon bowfront with dimensions of:
30"L x 15"W x 21"H. I want to have good lighting and if I have add CO2 it is not a problem. Any suggestions will be great.

Thank you.
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I just picked up an all-glass Aqueon Versa-Top lid for my Aqueon 36G bowfront (

Specs: 29.3" x 7.3" x 1.4", UPC #015905296038, Product #29603

You can special order through your LPS, or order online.

With that over your tank, you can add any 30" light bar you want. A dual lamp unit gives you the most options for florescent. Or you can go LED. I have the Aqueon Modular LED with 3x day bright modules.
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