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Light fixture on an uncovered tank?

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:help:Does anyone have experience with using strip lighting directly over water? My glass top broke and I was wondering if it would be ok to use my strip light directly over the water. I would modify the strip light so it would be about 5 inches above the water, and there would be no way it could fall into the tank.

I guess my question is, will evaporation break the light? I figured that the temperature of the light bulbs would keep the sockets dry.

I have a triple fluorescent T8 setup.

Any advice? Thanks yal !
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Does the strip have a splash guard?
All my t5 light fixtures and led fixtures have built in acrylic splash guards. I use them on all my tanks without a tank cover. Never had any issues.
If you run a air stone on full blast you might have to clean the water stains from the splash guard every week to make sure full brightness of the light is not affected.
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