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Light Duration

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I think I finally figured out my lighting. But now my dilemma is that I only have a short time enjoying it because by the time I get home the lights are off. So, my question is, Can I split the light exposure? Right now I'm doing 8 hrs a day in a high tech tank, (Trying to minimize the algae outburst). I was thinking of splitting the exposure time from 10 am to 2 pm and then off from 2 pm to 5 pm then have them back on from 5 pm to 9 pm (they're in a timer which is convenient). They still get 8 hrs of exposure but only split in 4 hour durations. Or do they need 8 hours of straight exposure? Thanks for the help!
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I have mine split for this reason. Not sure if it helps with algae or not, but many people suggest that it it is nice to have the total window from first on to final off extended. The plants do not need 8 hours of straight exposure. Is there any indirect lighting that will hit the plants during the middle off hours? I found that lights in the room helped keep my plants awake (they close up near the end of the day), whereas if I did a 100% blackout, the plants would start to fold up for the day if my middle off period (called a siesta period by several) was too long, or if it was 100% dark in the room.

Try it out, by the way what lighting are you using and what is the tank size? More experienced members can help you with the appropriateness of your lighting and any possible algae issues that may be of result. Also, remember that algae is not always just lighting. Could be other factors like CO2 (lack thereof), fertilizers, or water parameters not being dialed in just right.

- Garrett
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The myth about split photo periods reducing algae has been proven false by so many throughout the years, Google "Siesta aquarium" and read the many articles about this subject. I went ahead and kept my split light period and now enjoy the extended viewing times.
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