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You can literally drive yourself crazy with any aspect of this hobby. You don't NEED to be as technical about it as some folks get...although we all benefit from those who really dive deep into things.

A lot of (great) name brands are thrown around the forums but there are cheaper ways. I have a 20long low tech using 6500k CFL lights that grows dwarf hair grass and anubias cheap lighing, easy to change. I have another (main) tank that is a 40b that has a ton of plants in it now that I grew using 2 BeamsWork LED light fixtures. I got the pair of 36" fixtures for less than half what some other fixtures costs and my plants grow great. I can't program them for disco mode but they have the features I need: 6500k, on/low light/full light/off.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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