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Lifegard Customflo Water System

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Has anyone used this kit?

I need to replace the plumbing on my Rena XP3 as it's getting old and brittle (it's the really old first generation modular plumbing that came in the short sections).

It's just a hair cheaper than a complete new plumbing kit from
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If it is the one I am thinking of, there are two options, the "complete kit" and an extension kit. They work great for customizing the current in your tank. has one kit for like $17 the other is like $40 basically you get a bunch of fittings that you assemble the way you want.

They work great but IMO are fugley.
I'm also thinking of replacing my plumbing of my XP3 & the Customflo seems to be a very good choice. Rex, thanks for the links for Rena parts. Have you replaced your tubing yet? I see they have a "deluxe tubing" that they claim is better than the older tubing's the XP3 came w/. For $16.95 for 2-7ft sound like a good deal to me. I'm thinking of replacing my tubing w/c is full of brown stuff (algae?) inside.
The sludge that builds up is not algea, it is basically what I call spooge, just gunk that builds up. I use a long flexible brush to wipe it out..
The sludge that builds up is not algae, it is basically what I call spooge, just gunk that builds up. I use a long flexible brush to wipe it out..
Oh, thanks for the info. I wills till probably get the tubing since my tubing (it is a replacement from the original) is kinda hard & not as flexible as the original. Thanks.
I was going to get this kit from my local petsmart but I opted for the Eheim installation kit because of the short intake on the lifeguard.If they had the deluxe lifeguard I prolly woulda bought that one cause of so many options.
Loving the Eheim kit though...
After thinking about it I will most likely just get the Rena kit and new tubing. Replacing everything at once makes a lot of sense.
Cool. Let us know what you think about it. I thought about going with the Lifeguard before, but opted for the Eheim Installation kits (both intakes and spray bars). I'm curious what pre-filter sponge would fit over the intakes.
I used this kit from my wet/dry to flow back into the tank. Originally I was using an AquaMedic CO2 reactor, so I had a splitter coming off of my pump, one line going through the reactor, the other one going directly to the tank. I then had two of the Lifegard units going back into the tank. They are alright, black makes them disappear a bit.... very flexible for setting up your tank. I use a 3D background in my aquarium so the flexibility didn't do me any real good.
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