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Hi all,

First of all, this tank journal is at the first step. I only begin on how to built my futur scape. I think about it last few month, and i already order some pieces to do my project. I will put in water already i have all my equipment i ordered.

I want recreate a landscape of Island. I really love this land with volcano, water and other beautiful thing of nature in this area.

My inspiration came from these photo and i built a basic plan about the scape.

All comment will help me, so say what you are thinking about this.


- Custom Acrylic tank 30"x21"x20" *55G*
- Eheim ecco filter up to 60G
- Razor R420R 8000k 7 hours photos period
- Eheim heater
- Co2 pressurized with dualstage regulator
- Utah dragonstone for stone in the water and to built the volcano


- 2 bag of amazonia 9L
- 1 bag of powder amazonia 3L
- 1 bag of colorado cosmetic sand 8 kg
- additive ada aqusoil


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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