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Hello all, I know this was mentioned before however I just wanted to let everyone know that the guys at Liberty are great!

I purchased a new 10 lb. Aluminum Co2 Tank to have filled/refilled as needed for the aquarium but I didn't want to travel too far to get it done. Everyone near me all told me that they don't refill but only swapped.

I didn't want to lose my brand new 10 lb. Aluminum Tank to a trade or swap so when I got to Liberty, I explained my situation to them. I was told that they didn't refill but reassured me that I can swap my tank for a filled CO2 tank and the next time I came in to swap they would have my personal tank filled and ready for me. They had me fill out a slip and tagged my aluminum tank with it so it wouldn't be use or swapped with anyone but me :wink:.

Well, its been a while (a few months) and its time to swap.

Well, I got there this morning at about 8:30 and told the guy at the loading dock that my personal tank had my name on it and it should be filled and ready to go. I gave the gentleman my name and sure enough he pulled it out and handed it to me. I went inside to the counter, told the guy about the great service and paid for the refill. The guy gave me extra washers although you get a free washer with the refill he also gave me extra upon request with no complaints.

1. There was no extra charge having my personal tank swapped out for a filled tank. Just the regular $20 charge for the filled tank.
2. I walked in, swapped tanks and I'm out in less than 3 minutes. No lines, no wait!
3. They are familiar with the hobby so its o.k to go in there asking about CO2 for planted tanks.
4. They are extremely friendly and flexible, willing to work with you.
5. They are open on Saturdays :proud:.
6. Parking isn't a problem.

I have absolutely nothing to gain from this post but when good service is provided, its worth mentioning to fellow hobbyist. The information to Liberty Gases is provided below.

Liberty Industrial Gases and
Welding Supply, Inc.
600 Smith Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Phone: 1-718-596-0060
Fax: 1-718-488-0781
Email: [email protected]

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Big apple welding supplies can do refill or swap of #10 for $15, they are located at 3rd ave and 47th st. They open on Saturday too.

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