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LFS with a good variety of Shrimp in Chicagoland area?

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does anyone know where can i find a good variety of shrimp in chicagoland area, all LFS in my area only carry Ghost Shrimp and/or Bamboo shrimp.....nothing close to a RCS, cardinal shrimp or blue tiger shrimp haha.......

Not sure if i'm willing to buy them online and have them delivered to my house in freezing temperature.

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I looked.. I found one store but they were only selling RCS and they were 4.99 a piece.. best bet is to buy online.. I was skeptical at first but I just got some shrimp in today and some fish today, both 100% alive. Also if your in the western burbs I know some people that are selling some RCS.
what online source did you use to buy them?
currently, i work in much $ are your people selling RCS for, it might be worth my trip to western burbs?
I bought my shrimp from zeldar on here. But I got Fire Reds..
PM being sent about people in chicagoland area
Join the surburban planted tank club found in the IL section and ill bring you some at the next meeting.
sign me up ... when's the next meeting haha
Read this link. Your request has to be sent to Malaybiswas. Once he accepts you itll show up on your homepage under groups. Read the threads on there and it will tell you about the club and the meetings. If you make it, ill give you a dozen shrimp for free.
thanks will do.....i'll get back to you on those shrimp
nothing to trade yet.....just starting with invertebrates, but once anything comes by i'll let you know.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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