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LFS Visit - Family Pet Center

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This place is very easy to drive past, it's in a long-ish industrial building next to an upholstery place at NE 120th and Halsey. When I first walked in I almost walked straight out because there was no way they had any fish in this tiny store, but it's deceptive, there's two or three suites kinda stitched together and a whole room is dedicated to freshwater fish tanks, and the food/care stuff overflows into other rooms. One whole aisle is basically big stuff: bala sharks, enormous plecos, Oscars, and Goldfish/Koi. The other three aisles are surprisingly varied. Some nice looking blue rams. They had albino corys, panda corys. Guppy tanks are best ignored, it looks like the fish version of Freaks in there, bent spines and tails shaped like Dali clocks. Lots of very very young fish, but well maintained tanks. No dead fish being eaten or drifting balls of BHA like in other LFS I've visited.

Prices were average for the area. Best deals I saw were very very tiny juvenile white clouds 5/$1, and a couple big beautiful tanks of reasonably priced white tip tetras and neon tetras.

No shrimps, no snails for sale that I could see, and not a very notable amount of plants (I saw plants for sale in a few tanks but no dedicated plant tanks). Nice enough place but I ended up walking out without anything today, because I'm only buying flora until I get another tank set up.