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LFS survey

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A friend of mine is considering starting his own LFS. I figured I would help him out by asking you guys what you like and dislike about LFS in your area. I'll start:

1) Open Monday through Friday 10-6, Saturday 12-6. Show up on Wednesday at 3pm and they are closed.
2) "Aqua Moss? Normally people try to get rid of that stuff."
3) No selection of anything except mollies and livebearers.
4) The 3 (yes only 3 besides Petsmart and Petco) LFS in my area specialize in Saltwater.

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1. Knowledgable staff, who only answer questions if they know the actually answers
2. Large selection of fish and plants
3. open from 11-7 so those of us that work can still get things during the week

1. a million fish in the same tank but still high priced / I ran a retail store for years and generaly if you get a large quanity of something that means you got a good price, pass that discount along to you customers and they will always come back.
2. Over selling / this is a common pratice i.e someone buys a 15 gal tank and you sell them 40 neons to stock it without warning of overstocking or cycling.
This does not apply to all LFS's in my area, but many of them.


1. Selling painted fish (2 LFS's here still do that...I couldn't believe it)
2. Knowing less about fish and plants than I do (like telling me neons and angelfish are fine together)
3. Poor selection of plants neglected and melting in one tank (Anacharis, Watersprite, Javamoss, MAYBE some others).
4. Ugly display tanks that just throw random and incompatible fish in (goldfish with tropicals is something I hate)
5. Bettas in cups instead of the drip systems or in divided tanks
6. Disgusting feeder tanks


1. Knowledgable staff
2. Nice looking display tanks
3. Good plant selection
4. Live BBS for sale
5. Good refrigerated stock
6. Shrimp tanks
7. Good selection of tank chemicals/fertilizers
8. Mandatory quarantine of all fish before going into sale tanks
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