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Template [STRIKE]stolen[/STRIKE] borrowed from Carlstreeter:

This review is from visiting the store during the Fall and Winter of 2009. Each review is written from the perspective of freshwater planted aquaria only. What I find interesting may not be what you find interesting. Feel free to post any updates, clarifications, or corrections. I'd like for this to become the reference I wish I had when starting an aquarium on the front range.

Store: South Broadway Tropicals

Location: 3372 S. Broadway, Englewood


Plant selection: Low. Spread over 8 or so tanks, with 2-4 plants per tank. See note under 'Unique' regarding marimo.

Freshwater livestock selection: Decent. They seemed to have most of the things that everyone has, with a surprising selection of large (8-12") fish.

Dry goods selection: Sparse. Flourite, some ferts. Replacement CFL's...

What's Unique: Large freshwater fish and not just Jack Dempseys. Only place in Denver I've seen real marimo. They appear to be just getting started in plants. Subscribe to their email list! They update you the day they get plants in (which is when you should be buying them here. They won't last long under these lighting conditions...). Also, they will special order for you anything they can get their hands on through their plant supplier (have not done this myself so I cannot say for sure what's available).

Is it worth driving past 3 other fish stores to get to? Depends on the other 3 stores.
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