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This series of reviews is from visiting stores Summer and Fall 2009. Each review is written from the perspective of freshwater planted aquaria only. What I find interesting may not be what you find interesting. Feel free to post any updates, clarifications, or corrections. I'd like for this to become the reference I wish I had when starting an aquarium on the front range.

Store: Golden Fish

Location: 7145 W. Colfax, Lakewood.


Plant selection: Medium. 2 tanks. very limited species selection and they go fast.

Freshwater livestock selection: Medium. Not huge, not tiny. Discus are a specialty at this store. One of the best places to buy discus in Denver, usually have 6 - 10 varieties at any time but they do sell fast. They tend to have small discus, 2" to 3". They also tend to carry species that work well in a tank with discus such as rummynose tetras and cardinal tetras, which are not always easy to find. They often have a decent selection of angels. You can get on their e-mail list and get e-mails when they get a shipment of livestock.

Dry goods selection: Very small. They do carry some unusual things I haven't seen at other stores.

What's Unique: Discus selection - best in Denver.

Is it worth driving past 3 other fish stores to get to? If you are looking for discus or discus compatible fish, it's worth a trip.

Misc. comment: the woman who owns this store can be a little moody and if you go when she's having a bad day she can be a little short with you.:angryfire I just don't take it personally, but it's not a good trait for someone in the retail business.
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