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Figured I would join the fun if you don't mind me stealing your template...this pet store is up in Fort Collins.

Store: D&G Pets

Location: 925 East Harmony Rd, Fort Collins

Website: none that I know of?

Plant Selection: Medium sized about 6 20gallon tanks worth, decent selection depending on what they have in stock.

Fresh Water Livestock: Pretty nice selection that changes pretty regularly, definitely a few rare fish every now and then.

Dry goods: Small selection and typically overpriced by quite a bit...except fish food is a good deal there for a refillable bottle.

Whats Unique: A couple people who work there know their stuff, they even have a really nice high tech planted tank. They also have a decent selection of saltwater fish and such. Also they have sales pretty often, especially if they have a lot of one thing or another = good deals!
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