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LFS Listings for Maine

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Name: Tropic Pets
Address: 998 Main St, Waterboro, ME 04087
Phone: (207) 247-5495
Google Maps: Location
Hours: Closed Mondays / Tues.-Sat. 10-5 / Sun. 10-2
Notes: Small selection, but seems to be hardy fish and well taken care of. Owner seems to have good knowledge of freshwater tanks. I (DefStatic) have purchased from here before and have had no problems.

Name: BlackShark
Address: 938 Sabattus St, Lewiston, ME 04240
Phone: (207) 784-9218
Website: None
Google Maps: Location
Hours: Unknown
Notes: No one seems to know if it will last. Owner is arrogant, but huge selection. Most tanks are over crowded but well maintained. Limited supplies.

Name: Easy Aquariums
Address: 17 Gorham Industrial Pkwy, Gorham, ME 04038
Phone: (207) 272-5212
Website: HERE
Google Maps: Location
Hours: Unknown
Notes: I have been here and I have to say the owner is amazing, friendly, and their prices are very reasonable. They have just started a freshwater area (as they are primarily Saltwater) which they plan to expand on. Lots of supplies.

Name: New England Aquarium Services
Address: Pearl St, Biddeford
Phone: Unknown
Website: Unknown
Google Maps: Unknown
Hours: Unknown

Name: Vance's Tropical Fish
Address: 25 Beech Lane, Bucksport, ME
Phone: 207-469-6310
Google Maps:
Hours: Unknown
Notes: Joanstone has already posted it but I wanted to add a few notes. Vance is a great guy and can order you almost anything (I mean anything hehe). I usually go there about once a month because it's only 20 minutes away. He does a lot of salt water, but has a decent selection of fish, sometimes exotic. Also he custom built a huge 1000 gallon or something show tank.

Google Maps:
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Hello all,

Wanted to offer an update on Easy Aquariums...the freshwater section is now fully stocked and takes up about fifty percent of the store. There is also a really cool pond/riparium in the back. Lots of angelfish, gourami, cichlid, and a decent selection of schooling fish...but I am sure the owner will order you anything. I just got a 29 gallon setup there, and he ordered all the parts I wanted for a very decent price, better than a kit in terms of quality and cheaper than buying the parts on my own. It is a great place...every employee is very knowledgeable and helpful. If you can check it out, I highly recommend it!
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