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LFS: how to handle "traded in" fish

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I've been thinking lately about what it would take to open a LFS.

To start off, how to handle customer fish?

I think it is a good idea basically to encourage loyalty and to get a source of cheap fish.

But the main problem is that not everyone does a good job with keeping their fish and so customer fish might be carrying diseases, or be inbred, or a variety of problems.

But generally, would it be a good idea for a LFS to set up a bunch of quarantine tanks for customer fish? Observe them for like 7 days before integrating into the general population?
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We take in customer fish but only if they were bred by a customer. That way we know that they're from a good source. If someone goes through the trouble of breeding and raising apistos and clown fish, they're probably in good shape
Your correct to think that taking in fish from customers is a good relationship building program. I think were many LFS start having problems is not have a clear policy. Most intelligent adults understand you buy at whole sale. Hence you'll offer whole sale when buying.

Healthly fish are healthily fish. The fish I've bought are just as healthy as the ones I've breed. I do think for the store side only credit should be offered. Also waiting for the boss to come in and telling people to drive back does not make for a good relationship. Set a price structure you can live with, teach it to your employees. Maybe it's 30% of retail. That's up to you. The money isn't the point , empowering your employes to help customers and build your business is the point.

"I think it is a good idea basically to encourage loyalty and to get a source of cheap fish."

Run with the 1st part of that, and never utter the 2nd part. It give the impression of you taking advantage of the customer. You don't need some 16 yo employee repeating that.

I have no problem at all culling out fry or young fish. If I have a fish for several years, I'm invested in it. I prefer to not youth it if I can. I think many of us are happy to get some credit in those situations.
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I've traded fish to a local LFS. Manager or assistant manager has to approve the livestock (I'm assuming to make sure the fish is in good shape i.e. no damaged fins/eyes/scales or ick). I'm not quite sure on the last part, but they have never given me any problems. In return, I got in store credit of 1/3 the price what they sell that fish for. As for quarantine, they seem to start the acclimation process right away.
I'm wondering how to most economically quarantine. Like, a week? Have multiple tanks, like a "new-comer" tank, an "intermediate" tank, and finally into the general population?
The lfs I shop at quarantine fish for a week, they put them in their tank and post a sign that they are new and not for sale.
The same lfs offered to pay me 50¢ a fish on a type they sell for $4 a piece. Offering a fair price will definitely bring loyalty.

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So many variables here that I don't think there can be any one answer--and I know the answer in some LFS's is they take the fish, give out a small discount on the next purchase, and then euthanize the fish rather than hassle with quarantine, finding room in the tanks, and hoping they'll be able to find a buyer.
Do fish even get inbred?
I hear that if you put a male and female livebearer into a tank, by generation six things just get bad.
Do fish even get inbred?
Yep. A close look at the neon tetra tanks at any chain pet store will show ready proof of that.
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