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LF: Eheim 2211 Top cover

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Just came home to a bubbling canister. Took it apart and the whole plastic nipple on the top of the plastic cover snapped off along with the hose. I assume there was already a small leak as the plastic was flexing.

Either way.. I'm looking for a top cover.

Part # 7632000

Will try and order one from Eheim NA tomorrow. Just tried to do it on their site and it's super buggy. Will call direct tomorrow when they are open.

Shot in the dark, if anyone has a busted 2211 sitting around. I'd like to pick up the top cover for $$.
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Check if it is still under warranty. Email Eheim in any case: I find that, depending on how you phrase your problem and who reads it, they tend to overlook the warranty expiration and take care of you. Email both Support and Parts Department. I got a number of replacement heads for 2075 100% free of charge, including impellers, gaskets, etc. YMMV.

Big Al's carries a wide selection of Eheim parts, do check their 10% off coupon - call them directly if you cannot find a current one.

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